As a creator, 

I refuse to be continue working within the planet-killing parameters of pre-climate action consumerism.

I refuse to be a by-product of selfish capatalism.

I reject the scarcity mentality we’re falsely told we must adopt to get ahead. 

I refuse to ignore the problems wasting our planet.

Today, I pledge to be part of the solution by:

  1. Adopting an abundance mindset and sharing my skills, knowledge and time.
  2. Introducing open-source principals into my work – transparency, collaboration, inclusive meritocracy and community.
  3. Identifying the by-products of my work and reusing them or minimising their impact.
  4. Giving back to my creative community so together we can create a global solution to design’s waste problem.
  5. Seeing waste as an opportunity to improve processes, reuse, stoke ideas – do better.
  6. Giving more in times of scarcity – sharing is the antidote to a divided world.

Contributing to the design community’s resilience by looking for ways to give back.