black and white photo of women with short curly hair staring into camera wearing a white shirt with a detailed collar.


Ulla-Britta Westergren appreciates craftsmanship in all forms. She holds a degree in Fine Arts - Jewellery and Metalsmithing obtained from Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden.

Living in Melbourne since 2014, Ulla-Britta has worked in costume design and prop making for film, television, music, and theatre for a variety of places including the Melbourne Theatre Company, The Australian Ballet and Stone Street Studios in Wellington.

Textiles, sustainable practices and circular ways of thinking are at the heart of Ulla-Britta’s art practice. 

Now returning to her roots from her farming childhood in New Zealand, Ulla-Britta is currently studying horticulture which combines her interest in regenerative agricultural practices, exploring methods of repair with the intention of a future in food and fibre farming.

"Waste material for me is just another material, as good as any, waiting for an opportunity to have new life breathed back into it. I am a craftswoman by trade. Mending, repurposing and restoring are rituals I take great pride in when faced with waste"
— Ulla 2021

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