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Rosanna Ceravolo is a Melbourne based architect whose multidisciplinary studio delivers a full and considered design response, creating architecture, products, and spaces which elevate the quotidian human experience. 

Underpinned by the notion that good and enduring design has an inherent and unquantifiable value, her work is highly collaborative, contextually sensitive, and considered at both an urban and human scale with the aim of creating enduring and delightful places for people. As a natural progression, her architectural work maintains a refined and detailed interior focus. 

These gentle transitions between architecture, interior and product design reveal an underlying principle that no detail is too small.  Rosanna’s furniture and product work is a natural extension of her design process and is characterised by form, simplicity, composition and texture.

"I have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with my studio sample library. The Australian construction industry generates over 20m tons of waste each year, yet it’s easy to become acquiescent to this fact from within the woke confines of the architecture studio, brimming with indoor plants and keep cups. The towers of physical samples endemic to most architecture studios are both a tangible and visual reminder of the material effects of design and its impact on the environment – be that good or bad. It also serves to track the constantly “evolving” trend-scape which dictates much of what is added to (and removed from) our built form."
— Rosanna 2021
Rc Samples 2 Amandasantamaria

Waste material

The waste material I am working with is studio stone samples and offcuts. In a media age where visual overload and market saturation have become both normative functions and generators of design, what becomes of these soon to be discarded materials – products which are in every other sense enduring and robust contributors to the built environment but which will at some point or another fall prey to trend impermanence.

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