Photo of man standing against stone wall with short brown hair and black shirt. staring away from camera into distance


Patrick is a practicing Architect working within the educational sector. Prior to coming to Melbourne, he was one half of the design studio Aiyope; a clothing and furniture studio based between Brisbane and New Delhi. Aiyope began with a love for the craft, diversity and energy of India, endeavoring to capture this through storytelling and a grass roots approach to making.

"In our own homes we often have an arms length approach to waste, it’s either the problem of the company that packaged it that way, or the problem of the council to deal with the waste. We need to start thinking about domestic waste as a resource, how can we reuse it, or process that material ourselves to reuse it? Our household has accumulated so much cardboard packaging over this covid-19 year. How can we better utilise this resource, and importantly, through an open source process, how can we guide other households to start managing their “waste” differently? "
— Megan Stewart & Patrick Hayes 2021
shot of cardboard waste, boxes lying on ground, camera shot from above, stuck together with tape.

Waste material

Being primarily in a design, and not a manufacturing role, we are focusing on our own domestic waste as a result of working from home – in this case cardboard packaging. How easily and usefully is domestic cardboard actually recycled? Are there better ways we can elevate this waste management from recycle to reuse within the context of our homes and domestic capabilities?

This piece is in collaboration with Megan Stewart


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