Photo of a women with brown hair standing against a stone wall staring into camera wearing black shirt.


Olivia Davies’ practice includes sculpture, photography, and installation, drawing on personal experiences working in the fashion industry. Through her work, Davies explores her ambivalent relationship with this industry. 

Working with the readymade, she explores how the body and applied objects may perform together, finding new ways to define their relationship outside of traditional notions of consumerism and disposability.

"I will be working with parts that come from used cars that are no longer functional vehicles on the road. This will be sourced from a car yard where written-off vehicles have been placed and their material components may be picked through if they are to hold value for someone. Different components of the car will be reutilised in the work and undergo some form of transformation where a new value can be inscribed on the object."
— Olivia 2021
Car Parts

Waste material

The waste material of my work will be predominantly metal that makes up parts of an automobile. I am drawn to forms within these disposed vehicles that have a bodily resemblance and are marked by scars, highlighting a previous life.  My assemblage of the material will be bodily in size, the scale is a tool to represent an anthropomorphic presence.