Photo of women in blue overalls with curly hair holding a silver fixture, wearing gloves.


Nicole Lawrence is a Melbourne based designer specialising in Furniture and Lighting objects. A pragmatist through and through, her works are designed to offer new interpretations of functional pieces that will go the distance. Lawrence values the expertise of local industry and commits to producing her pieces locally with a focus on sustainable growth.

"When working with organic shapes in industrial materials you have to always cut away from the straight engineered lines to find your form. This work explores how to create value in what’s cut away and to re-interpret the negative space created. "
— Nicole Lawrence 2021
Offcut of aluminium sheet in a organic oval shape, the offcut lying next to sheet on concrete floor.

Waste material

Waste offcuts flat rectangle sheets of steel and aluminium are produced after the organic shapes used to create Lawrences furniture pieces are cut.


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