Photo of man holding blue terrazzo piece of concrete, wearing pink hat and green shirt.


Concrete isn’t what it used to be. 

With the aid of; water reducers, plasticisers and glass fibres we are now able to form and pour intricate, light weight structures that are fit for purpose and stronger than any traditional ‘truck’ concrete.

During his 10 years working as a carpenter, Micka Lesinskis had a keen interest in the evolution and advancements in building materials and technologies, specifically Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC). 

Ultimately, Mortadello challenges our perception of the way we think about concrete through the use of colourful pigments, geometric shapes and terrazzo textures. 

"The waste material we'll be using is leftover offcuts or damaged pieces of concrete terrazzo. These items can accumulate over time and will be cast into our tabletop creating a large scale terrazzo look with multiple colours and textures."
— Micka Lesinskis 2021
pink terrazzo concrete broken in half

Waste material

The method of recasting damaged chunks of terrazzo will also be applied to the table legs Micka will construct. 

Two of the panel legs will be inverted at 45 degrees, giving the table a different appearance (aesthetically and geometrically) from every angle. 


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