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Emerging designer Maxwell Carr creates with the future in mind. With years of study in Architecture, Graphic Design, and Industrial Design, Max combines his extensive knowledge of design with sustainable solutions. 

On the surface, his products are incredibly functional. On a deeper level, they are designed as multifaceted solutions to modern problems of material waste, achieved through planning for end of life and recyclability. A standard of design he upholds when thinking of solutions.

"The recycling industry is failing, creating a huge necessity for finding a way to recreate what was once waste. Greater thought needs to be invested in the waste of our products. There is never going to be one simple solution; a plethora of ideas across all workplaces will better us in our own industries. At Copper ID, we’re implementing these ideas not just to preserve our natural environment, but to find profit in this method, thus a greater reason to take action."
— Maxwell 2021
white background with small shavings of plywood in a pile

Waste material

Over the past year, while working closely alongside award-winning designer Edward Linacre, I have taken on the role of senior designer at Copper ID. During this time, I’ve been producing Ed’s bamboo ply light sculptures, giving me time to gain a good understanding of the capabilities of this laminated material. Bamboo plywood is a flexible and natural material which, when crafted into a Nest or Sun becomes a mathematical sculpture without the use of adhesives. 

However, a single break means the bamboo-part is useless to use - until now.

Our solution is based on recycling 100% of every bamboo-part with two processes. Firstly, large parts with snapped off segments can be reshaped and converted into new products. Secondly, the broken-off segments and excess bamboo can be converted into our blend of chipboard which can take shape of lamp bases. These two processes are utilised for our sculpture and will be implemented in our product range with exciting new products.