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Kristen Wang is an award-winning designer, functional artist and the founder of Kristen Wang Design based in Melbourne. Her design and research primarily focus on sustainable and biodegradable materials as one of the creative design solutions to advocate and help with ever-growing environmental problems. Her featured work Re.Bean Coffee Stool is crafted from locally collected coffee ground waste and has been exhibited both Australia-wide and internationally, including Salone del Mobile Milano 2019.

"‘Coffee has certainly become an inseparable part of our daily life but what happens to its waste? Design can be just a statement to provoke people’s awareness and this is Re.Bean – the piece that speaks about coffee and its less noticeable waste issue in the coffee industry.’"
— Kristen Wang 2021
Coffee grounds with coffee beans in the backgrounds

Waste material

The Re.Bean Series explore a brand-new sustainable material for furniture and design pieces from locally collected coffee ground waste and other coffee industry waste. The project features not only a unique smell and tactile of its materiality from coffee, but also its 100% biodegradability – generating no waste to our natural environment.

Process video

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