Edward Linacre is an international award-winning Australian Industrial Designer and artist, who seeks a partnership with nature, informing a balance revolution between humanity, all living things and our environment. 

He works in a variety of mediums, always in the pursuit of the experimental and innovative, intent on transforming the concept of waste in order to work in harmony with nature's closed-loop systems.

"Humans created the concept of waste. All waste is valuable in some way. We have used the brief set by By-Product to review the manufacture of our woven bamboo lighting range with the intention of achieving a zero-waste product. We aim to transform all waste and by-product generated through production into a range of new products and materials. There are vast possibilities in the reuse of bamboo and timber plywoods as they are still flexible, fibrous and strong. We intend on building a platform of total material use and sharing this - through the By-product exhibition - with our industry and the public to help inform and encourage zero waste initiatives."
— Edward 2021
white background with small shavings of plywood in a pile

Waste material

Bamboo. A collaboration between Max and Ed. Max is Copper Design’s Bamboo lighting specialist and our senior designer. Max knows the material and building the products out of it better than the designer, Ed. Therefore this collaboration is a learning experience for both designers, and through our collaboration, the work will truly take the form of something unique and meaningful. One of the most renewable materials on the planet, we intend to respect this fact, but ensuring the bamboo waste created at Copper is utilised down the very last straw, literally. We are researching and experimenting in 2 directions; the first, creating a new “weave” through the broken parts that make up the Nest, Sun and Weave lighting products, and our very own bamboo resin pressed materials, utilising the left of parts in a shredded form, bound by a resin. These 2 components will form the basis for our piece, being an illuminated sculpture. They will also be supported by instructions on making your own weave from sheet products and your own pressed timber flake materials. We are allowing a window into our research of not only bamboo and its upcycling and recycling, but a blueprint to utilised thin sheet materials of all types, and how they can be manipulated into forms and products of value.