Andy is a campaign-hardened freelance copywriter, content creator and creative brain for rent. Based in Byron Bay, he helps brands find their tone of voice, define their values and mission statements, create clever and effective marketing campaigns, and killer content marketing. He has created copy and content for bags, camera accessories, apps, fintechs, creative agencies, designers, architects and print. Andy strives to create memorable and impactful copy for brands making the world a better place.

"I love the tension between creating beautiful functional copy and the UX design imperative to keep it short. When copy isn’t as strong as it could be, it’s usually due to a lack of time to refine it."
— Andy Summons 2021
Ghost Town Andy Summons

Waste material

1. Time spent researching and brainstorming

2. You’ll never get that time back but it’s crucial for writing good copy

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