Andrew Hustwaite Artist And Designer Man Blonde With Glasses


Andrew Hustwaite (b. 1983) is a graduate of Melbourne University and Monash University. Since 2017 his major project has been a series of collaborative works with Swiss choreographer and dancer Nicole Morel that combine kinetic machine sculptures with contemporary dance. His practice occurs within a studio led environment based on experimentation/failure/play.

"“A deep throated humming awoke within the hellish instrument. Strange lights glowed and flashed, and the stench of nameless chemicals came harsh and hot to my nostrils. I held my breath in anticipation. I had but the vaguest idea of what was going to happen – my plans were rudimentary in the extreme – but somehow, letting one incident lead to another, I thought I saw a way out of this predicament.” "
— Karm Karvus, ‘Thongor Fights the Pirates of the Tarakus’, Lin Carter, p.54, 1971
Bronze shavings on metal surface

Waste material

Andrew selects bronze for bushings and pulley wheels amongst other uses, and brass for both ornamental purposes and simply as a non-ferrous alternative. Commonly prepared on a lathe/mill, this creates ‘chips’ or ‘swarf’ which would normally be sent to a scrap recycler. Their relatively low melting temperature and inherent aesthetic value lends this waste to a backyard re-harvesting.


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