lady wearing pink apron and white flowers against white concrete wall


Alicia Aulsebrook is a trained Costume Designer and Seamstress, with several years of experience in Theatre, Film & TV, working with the likes of the Victorian Opera and the MTC. Alicia has recently launched new independent textile brand, Earth Colour, which focuses on naturally dyed textiles using primarily locally sourced ingredients to create beautiful and ecologically conscious textiles.

"My work with Earth Colour has looked to source local ingredients such as bark, seeds and flowers from local gardens and the bush to create the dyes for my textiles. I have experimented with some success using discarded timber shavings from local makers, which have a high tannin content, for dyeing. For this project I am looking to collaborate with Adam Markowitz, a woodworker, to create a relationship that continues beyond just the sourcing of the shavings, to exist between the completed collaborative work containing both a timber and textile element. The intention is to create a dialogue between the timber object where I sourced the shavings to make the dye, the dyed fabric."
— Alicia Aulsebrook 2020
glass jar on a woven mat filled with curly wood shavings.

Waste material

I will be using discarded wood shavings from local furniture designer and maker; Adam Markowitz, to dye a hemp/ cotton fabric. I will also be using seconds from my range that I am unable to sell due to imperfections and fabrics I have dyed with experimental dyes.

This piece is in collaboration with Adam Markowitz.


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